When running a small business with a small workforce, you do not have the resources to keep full-time cleaning employees. The fact remains that you will need to keep your premises clean and tidy for the customers. The best alternative is a professional cleaning service. You can avoid the hassle of managing a full time cleaning staff. There are several benefits of hiring Citi Clean professional cleaning services.

Save on time

Time is money when you are running a small business. You have to put more time into customer service. You simply have no time for proper cleaning. Leaving the cleaning to a professional cleaning service will free your time to focus on other stuff. And remember that end of tenancy cleaning requires a lot of time and effort.

No cleaning supplies

If you are taking on the responsibilities of doing end of tenancy cleaning, you will have to procure cleaning material and equipment like mops, vacuum cleaners, detergents and so on. The cleaning materials have to be replenished from time to time. A professional end of tenancy cleaning service takes away the hassle of buying cleaning equipment and servicing it.

Saving on costs

Having in-house cleaning staff means payroll processing and the attendant costs that come with it like pension funds and social security contributions. These costs take away much-needed money from your business’ core objectives. With a professional cleaning service, you save on these costs with and put money into expanding your stock.

Wider range of services

A professional cleaning service will offer more services than what an in-house cleaning crew can do. Cleaning off stuck dirt, oil and ink spills, and other stubborn stains require special cleaning materials and equipment. A professional cleaning service will have these resources. The cleaning service also has more motivation to do a good job as the contract depends on it. You are always assured of good cleaning.

More reliability

When you engage the services of a professional cleaning service, you don’t have to keep worrying about allocating cleaning duties or things like the absence of cleaning staff. The cleaning service will avail manpower when you need it. You can also arrange for cleaning to be done when you are not in the workplace which is less disruptive to your business.

Better cleaning

In-house cleaning staff can become complacent over time doing a shoddy cleaning job. A professional cleaning service from Citi Clean London will help you at all times. A cleaning service has the manpower and resources to do a better job. You also have the option of cancelling the contract if you are not happy with the job done. Remember that Citi Clean London is a professional end of tenancy cleaning service provider that can get your full deposit back. You can visit their website at http://cleansimply.co.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning/

The benefits of hiring an end of tenancy clean service are obvious. The work is done right reducing any chances of dispute by the landlord meaning you get your tenancy deposit back sooner. However cleaning services are not equal. You could hire a service that is the wrong fit for the job meaning that you end up running into disputes with the landlord. This can be avoided by answering some questions and keeping the answers in mind when searching for an end of tenancy cleaning service.

What kind of service are you hiring?

There are 2 kinds of services:

  • A cleaning service with subcontractors
  • A cleaning service with employees

If you go to a large cleaning service, it is very likely that the cleaning service sub-contracts some of the work. You should get this very clearly. If the cleaners coming to your house will be sub-contracted some of the questions you would need clarification to include:

  • What is the satisfaction guarantee? This is important so that you can know what will happen in the event the landlord is not satisfied with the work done. Will the cleaning service repeat the cleaning free of charge or will you have to pay more? Is there a refund policy? Get all these answers clarified to avoid a payment dispute with the company on one hand and the landlord on the other.
  • Are the sub-contractors licensed and insured? You do not want to be slapped with liability claims in case anything happens to the cleaning crew when in your house.
  • Who will the cleaning sub-contractors take instructions from, you or the cleaning service? This is important if you are to be away when the cleaning is being done as the cleaning crew could arrive on site and become stranded.
  • What will the cleaning crew use for cleaning materials? Are they environmentally friendly? A sub-contracting firm could take shortcuts by using harsh cleaning materials.
  • Who will pay the sub-contractor crew, you or the main cleaning service? You do not want the cleaning crew surprising you with a payment demand you were not prepared for.

What are your expectations?

It is always prudent to describe the scope of work in detail so that the cleaning crew can be precise in their work. Do not take anything for granted. If you want them to scrub the base of the toilet bowl, say so. If the cleaning service fails to work on a certain area because you did not say so, they could raise a dispute that it was not in the scope of work.

Tenancy cleaning features in many tenancy agreements as a requirement before receiving your rent deposit. Many tenants neglect to do this cleaning leading to disputes over the reimbursements of the rent deposit. What you need to keep in mind is that the landlord will require the house to be in the same state as was indicated in the move-in report. You should use it as the standard to do your tenancy cleaning. This can be a daunting task if you are short on manpower. This is the where you need tenancy cleaning London services.

Where to clean

The tenant is responsible for cleaning the whole area inside the house. This includes pest infestation control and mould removal.  If it is a stand-alone unit, the tenant has the responsibility of cleaning the veranda, driveway and the compound.

The landlord needs the house in near-same cleanliness as it was when the tenant moved in. this means that he can request for re-cleaning of the house. Otherwise, he can dispute your claim for the reimbursement of your rent deposit.

How is it done?

At a minimum tenancy cleaning has to touch on the following areas:

  • Living room

If it is a furnished apartment cleaning has to include cabinets, cupboards, bookshelves and the TV set. The carpets and upholstery have to be vacuumed.

  • Kitchen

All shelves and cupboards have to be clear and empty. The walls behind the cupboards and the floor underneath have to be cleaned too. The fridge has to be emptied, cleaned and switched off.

The oven should be degreased and any baked on grime scraped off.  The hob, handles, racks, burners, baking trays, switches and all other surfaces should also be cleaned.

  • Bathroom

The sink, bath, toilet, tiles and mirrors should be left without stains. Drains and plug holes should be cleared. Showerheads, faucets and drain gates should also be cleared lime build up.

  • Hallways and staircases

These surfaces should be mopped. Any carpets and rugs should be vacuumed and steam cleaned if necessary.

Why hire a cleaning service

You will need to hire a tenancy cleaning London service in the following situations:

  • When you have a very large home and are short of manpower
  • When you don’t have the time for thorough cleaning
  • When you need special equipment to reach some areas of the house
  • When you can’t handle cleaning products like bleach
  • When you need professional cleaning that can pass through inspection.

Hiring a tenancy cleaning London service will improve your chances of getting a reimbursement of your rent deposit without dispute.