5 House Share London Safety Tips for Your Stuff

Are you worried about staying in a house share for the concern about the safety of your stuff? Indeed, house share theft cases are usually reported because shared houses are easy pickings. People are constantly coming in and going out, and it may feel awkward asking people to identify themselves as it may irritate their hosts. But it is possible to be in a house share London rental and keep your stuff perfectly safe. Use these tips to give your stuff a higher guarantee of staying safe.

Lock up

The landlord should have good locks on all doors of the house. In a shared house, every sharing tenant’s door should have a lock. Ensure to lock up every time you are going out of the house. You can also invest in a simple anti-pick gadget to keep the lock more secure. The house mates should agree on an arrangement where the last person in ensures all doors are well locked.

Keep valuables hidden away

People are in a house share for the main reason that cash is tight. Leaving your £300 laptop placed carelessly is tempting to someone who is not sure where the next rent will from.  Securing your valuables is common sense in a house where there are people of different moralities. Use blinds to keep your room hidden and store your stuff in lockable cabinets.

Mark your stuff

Your stuff may not be pilfered, but it all the same irritating when you want to use it only to find someone else has laid claim to it. This is common with utensils, pillows and other common comfort stuff. Marking your stuff will alert your house mates that is your territory. Ask them to request to use or replace if they use when you are not around.

Marking your stuff also makes it easier to trace when it is lost. You can engrave your name, phone number and address on it.

Bland stuff

It makes little sense to have a £550 iPhone when living in a house share London. You are with people who would consider that kind of stuff showy. Be bland and blend in.  Ordinary gear and fashion will lower your profile to avoid unfair targeting.

Make visitor rules

Limiting the traffic in and out of the house eliminates outside threats by a huge percentage. All the house mates should agree to a visitor policy where any house mate can challenge a guest to identify him/herself.

A house share London is perfectly safe for you if you observe a few basic safety tips and become your brother’s keeper.