Clean House

7 Tips to Keep a Spotlessly Clean House

Do you feel like cleaning your house has become one of Hercules’ labours? Indeed, if your house has several kids or more than 4 adults, there will always be cleaning chores to be performed. Doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom and keeping the kitchen clean and tidy take more time. But there are some few tips that can help lessen the cleaning burden.

Keep away dirt from the house

Much of the dirt on the carpet and floors in the house comes from outside. Halt this dirt at the door before it spreads inside the house. You can do this by having a No-shoes-in-the-house policy. Enforce this by having a wide space at the entrance where people can leave their shoes. You can give a loud hint by having crocs or flip-flops at the door. A visible sign will make this loudly clear.

Soak up the dust

If you live near a busy highway, you will always be battling dust especially in the summer.  Deploy reusable electrostatic cloths which are very good at attracting dust. Attach them to a mop and use to dust hard to reach surfaces including the ceiling. Ensure to dust the floor before using a wet mop.

Tidy bedrooms

Always insist that everyone makes their bed before going out of the house. This way, dirty bed linens can easily be spotted and replaced. It is also a good way of instilling personal care in kids.


Keep a rule that whoever uses utensils and other kitchen appliances before mealtime should leave the place as it was. This means cleaning up glasses and plates used in-between meals. This translates to a tidy kitchen and less workload after meals.

Clean the bathroom

Lime scale and soap scum accumulates on the walls as people take showers and leave without cleaning off the walls. Encourage members of the family to splash water on the shower walls after they are through. This removes soap suds off the walls and prevents them hardening into soap scum. It also means less scrubbing. Flushing the toilet should be mandatory. Insist on people using a bucket if the flushing is not working.

Learn to soak

Soaking textiles makes it easier to launder them. Soak utensils in a sink with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and you will be surprised at how easy the grease comes off.

Insist on personal tidiness

Insist on couch pillows being re-arranged after getting off the couch, replacing magazines on shelves and other small personal habits that keep the house clean and tidy.