Moving Kitchen Items? Try Man and Van London Services

If you are moving a standard kitchen, man and van London services are ideal. This kind of moving service is ideal whether you are moving to a new house in the neighbourhood or across town. It is good to note that the van comes with an extra pair of hands making your packing, loading and unloading easier. Here are some tips to help you pack kitchen items for a smoother move.

Sort out near-expired stuff

You do not need to carry with you that pile of baked beans that is 3 weeks to expiry. They will only eat into your space, which translates into higher costs. Sort out through the foodstuff and pick out those that are near expiry date for cooking or giving away.

Do not carry meat with you even if it is frozen. It will start to thaw once it is out of the freezer and may attract harmful bacteria before you refreeze again. Start cooking these meats early enough if you don’t want to give away.

Assess the space at your new kitchen

Are you moving to a larger kitchen or a smaller size? If it is a smaller sized kitchen, you will need to plan more carefully including doing away with bulky packing. In this case, there is no point in carrying any foodstuff but just the appliances and utensils. You can plan on foodstuff storage after settling in.

No glass bottles

Your milk and olive oil bottles should be left behind. Packing fragile glass items is a hassle you can do without. Toss them into the recycling bin.

Pick appropriate sized boxes

You want packing that is compact enough to lift as the van will typically come with only the driver. Use small to medium sized boxes to keep them within lifting weight.

Secure fragile items

If you really need to carry items like sugar or flour for immediate use at the new house, make sure you secure these items in a spill-proof container or a ziplock bag. Make sure to cover the saltshaker too to prevent any spills.

Label the packing boxes

Fragile appliances like the microwave should be clearly labelled ‘FRAGILE.’  Ensure to label other boxes so that it becomes easier to know where the glasses are, if you need a quick drink, and also for easier unpacking.

Man and van London services are ideal for moving a standard kitchen as the service person is versatile and experienced enough to give you sensible advice on moving kitchen items.